Product Code: PKMR8, PKMR16, PKMR24

Product Description:

Magnetic Separation Racks available can hold 8, 16 and 24 micro tubes of 1.5 mL or 2 mL. The product is suitable for cell-based sorting and molecular biology applications using magnetic beads. The Magnetic Separation Rack is Double-sided, with two sets of very strong Neodymium magnets. The Magnetic Separation Rack is typically used for DNA/RNA extraction involving steps of capture, concentration, washing and elution. Built quality of Magnetic Separation Rack is very solid and can be easily cleaned with 70% ethanol. It is perfect for magnetic separation process resulting in high yield separation.

Storage and Shelf Life:

MagRack Magnetic Separation Rack can be used at room temperature and stored at a clean place. Disinfect the rack before use with 70% ethanol.

Size Options:

Options Available 8, 16, 24 Tubes Capacity

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