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Dedicated to protecting the delivery of quality healthcare worldwide.

Our Company

Pathkits Healthcare Pvt Ltd is an established in-vitro diagnostics manufacturing company who stands by its Motto "DETECT RIGHT, DEFEAT DISEASE".

Our aim is to contribute to human health by manufacturing affordable, accurate and superior quality medical devices and diagnostic kits. Pathkits Healthcare is committed to develope and manufacture new products and ways to help people manage their health with a vision of creating the best technology further proclaiming genuine care for human life span. Our knowledge, our abilities, our capability to innovate, our productivity and our ingenuity enable us to be fast and updated. Strength of pathkits lies in immense customer satisfaction and quality.

Pathkits is a leading private provider of pathology testing kits and testing services in India. Pathkits has truly redefined preventive healthcare suitable for current times, providing the most comprehensive health checks required today. Our pioneering tests and patented technologies lead the way in helping you live a healthier life for longer. Hundreds of individual tests are carried out to give you truly unrivaled knowledge about your current and future health.

Our Mission

We are focused on the mission of combining medical and scientific leadership, with innovative thinking and technologies to empower decision making that saves and improves patients’ lives.

Our Vision

Improving millions of life by developing and manufacturing high quality, reliable medical solutions accessible to all.

Our Values

The values that lie at the heart of our work are


Live and work honestly and with integrity.


Foster access to health care for diverse communities.


Assure the highest quality outcomes.


Find solutions and generate positive change through innovation.


Win by taking initiative to improvise, adapt to and overcome challenges.

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