Simple HCV Rapid Test

HCV rapid test kits, also known as one-step HCV tests, are a quick assay to qualitatively detect antibodies to hepatitis C Virus (anti-HCV) in human serum or plasma. Hepatitis-C rapid test kits are based on the principle of double antigen sandwich immunoassay.

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Product Description :

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Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is a small, enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA Virus. Antibody to HCV is found in over 80% of patients with well-documented non-A, non-B hepatitis. Conventional methods fail to isolate the virus in cell culture or visualize it by electron microscope (1). Cloning the viral genome has made it possible to develop serologic assays that use recombinant antigens. Compared to the first generation HCV ELISA using single recombinant antigen, multiple antigens using recombinant protein and/or synthetic peptides have been added in new serologic tests to avoid nonspecific cross-reactivity and to increase the sensitivity of the HCV antibody tests (2). The HCV One Step Rapid Test is a rapid test to qualitatively detect the presence of antibodies to HCV in a serum or plasma specimen. The test utilises a combination of protein A Coated particles and recombinant HCV proteins to selectively detect antibodies to HCV in serum or plasma. The recombinant HCV proteins used in the test are encoded by the genes for both structural (nucleocapsid) and non-structural proteins (NS3, NS4 & NS5) (3).

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Salient Features:

Test result: In 15 ~ 20 minutes.
Easy and convenient testing process for diagnostic test.
Effective in detecting the antibodies to HCV virus human serum or plasma.
Suitable for Point of Care Testing.
Quick guide & Video guide provided (To be Provided).


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Specimen Serum/ plasma
Test time In 15-20 minutes
Specimen volume 1 drop of serum /plasma and add 1drops of assay buffer
Storage temperature 2-40°C (36-104°F)

Ordering Information

Product Storage temperature Test/Kit
SIMPLE HCV Rapid Test 2-40°C (36-104°F) 25T/kit
SIMPLE HCV Rapid Test 2-40°C (36-104°F) 30T/kit
SIMPLE HCV Rapid Test 2-40°C (36-104°F) 40T/kit
SIMPLE HCV Rapid Test 2-40°C (36-104°F) 50T/kit