By Amit Sharma


June 14, 2020

Knowing how PathKits is helping India fight Covid-19


Current Covid-19 situation in India:

The Covid-19 cases in the country are increasing daily, mainly due to the Omicron variant. The Omicron variant has led to a significant number of new infections. As a result, the number of Covid-19 cases in India rises again after staying below the 10000 mark for several days. The recent swell in the number of cases has caused the state governments to re-impose the restrictions to restrict the spread of this infectious disease. The Covid-19, with all its variants like alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and essentially omicron, continues to create havoc and chaos across the globe.

About PathKits:

PathKits is Gurugram based, leading Covid Diagnostic Kits Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of ICMR approved testing kits. It comes with a PAN India distribution network and licenses for worldwide export of VLTM Kits, Viral Transport Medium Kits, and Antigen Test Kits.

PathKits came into existence in March 2020 and started manufacturing Covid Diagnostic Kits made in India. The company has collaborated with several industries including the aviation industry and the healthcare industry to provide Covid Diagnostic Kits.

Steps taken by PathKits to help fight Covid-19:

PathKits has been helping India fight Covid-19 from the frontlines - providing protective gears and diagnostic kits to detect the virus on time. Within a year, the company delivered 50 million VTM kits, making it the largest Covid Diagnostic Kits Manufacturer and supplier in India.

Cutting down the numbers, PathKits has delivered over 2 Crore VTM kits to Karnataka. They’ve also expanded their services on a global scale, delivering to nations like Romania, Zanzibar and Tajikistan.

With the aim to maintain the excellent viability of the viral sample, the company has developed special VTM (Viral Transport Medium) kits to collect and transport the virus. They also manufacture several pieces of protective gear like face shields to protect the frontline workers against the dangerous virus.

The VLTM (Viral Lysis Transport Medium Kits) Kits provided by PathKits are recommended to collect and transfer the COVID-19 sample. This is because of their ability to control microbial contamination and their good shelf life.

The Antigen Test Kits provided by PathKits are simple and easy to use. It detects the SARS-COV-2 virus in the human body and gives accurate results. These tests are done with the help of a Nasopharyngeal Swab. The Nasopharyngeal Swabs provided by PathKits have proved to have a very high sensitivity in clinical studies performed.

Several states in India are experiencing a surge in cases because of the lack of testing kits. Even medical experts have stated that proper testing is required to detect the disease. The timely diagnosis thereby helps in the isolation and confinement of the infectious disease. The RT PCR Kits manufactured by PathKits are based on real-time PCR technology, giving accurate results and early diagnosis.

PathKits is one of the most trusted Covid Diagnostic Kits Manufacturers in India. PathKits understood the gravity of the circumstances and made a significant contribution by manufacturing and delivering good quality and pocket-friendly antigen kits. These antigen kits enabled the safer transfer of the virus for diagnostic purposes.

Understanding the intensity of the shortage of the equipment and growth of the Covid-19 cases in the country, PathKits supplied over 1 Crore Covid-19 testing kits to Bihar, Orissa, Gujarat, Telangana, Maharashtra, East India. This helped India in fighting the maximum number of cases.

The consistent efforts by PathKits and the quality of their products are highly evident in the user reviews they get. Users have claimed that the products offered by PathKits are of rich quality. Not only this, the employees at PathKits are very customer friendly and give fast responses to queries. Also, buying the products and making the payment is very simple. PathKits’ objective is to maintain a flexible and smooth approach towards providing VTML Kits, VTM Kits, and Antigen Test Kits for continuous diagnosis throughout the country.

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