By Amit Sharma


June 14, 2020

Role of Swabs in Quality Sample Collection


For the past few weeks, India has been diagnosing thousands of positive COVID-19 cases every day. Improved testing tools and kits have enabled the country to discover a massive number of newly infected patients and expanded its testing ability. At first, COVID-19 testing was slow because of the lack of necessary testing kits, high prices, logistical problems and a lot more. Polyester swabs for COVID-19 testing were not manufactured in India and were imported from countries like China or the US.

With the increase in the global demand for swabs, it became a lot more difficult and costly to source them for domestic purposes. However, the pace is increasing as many well-skilled and experienced Polyester Swab Manufacturers, and healthcare firms are coming together to combat the virus. To solve these problems, manufacturers like Path Kits are rapidly ramping up production and reconfiguring the necessary swab kits and tools.

Purpose of Swabs:

Swabs are prominent of two types, including flocked and polyester. Both the types are used for COVID-19 testing but flocked swabs are a lot more reliable. Cost-effective and user-friendly, swabs should be flexible and folked so that a person can collect samples properly. These tools should be of good quality for adequate results.

The swabs are long and thin enough to reach the nasopharynx, the upper part of the throat, right behind the nose. These should be made of synthetic fiber and not made up of wooden shafts. Nor can these include calcium alginate, an element usually utilized for swab tips in wound care, as it can kill the virus.

As testing of the COVID-19 is increasing in the country, well-established flocked swabs manufacturers are doing their best to bring more and more kits available for healthcare staff. Moreover, swabs are vital at this juncture in India’s fight against the virus as most infected people are asymptomatic, and a considerable number of tests are now required to arrest the transmission of the virus.

Types of Swabs Available:

  • Flocked Swabs: The nylon flocked swabs manufactured by Pathkits feature perpendicular nylon fibers that well-optimized specimen collection and elution. They also feature a molded breakpoint that enables you to safely and easily break off the swab stick, and various breakpoint options are available for different tubes.

  • Polyester Swabs: Polyester is soft and non-abrasive, which makes the swab good for sensitive surfaces. A thin, long, rigid handle and big internal head paddle offer firm support to the swab. Good quality polyester swabs manufactured by Pathkits are non-absorbent and contain no fatty acids or latent sugar. These are the perfect options for rapid testing and other applications.

How is COVID-19 Testing Done?

Testing plays a vital role in detecting COVID-19 patients as one wrong test because of the lack of quality in the product can risk the lives of many people. That’s why the quality should be unmatched that can offer accurate results. Now, most of you may be wondering how COVID-10 testing is done, so here are the detailed steps:

The person who is doing the test will insert a long stick with a very soft brush on the tip, kind of like a pipe cleaner; up your nose and twirl it around for some seconds. The soft bristles can collect a sample of secretions for analysis. The swab must go to far back because cells and fluid are collected from the passageway that links the base of the nose to the back of the throat to acquire a good specimen.

Certainly, your body is not familiar with having such objects in that area; which is why it creates a lot of odd sensations.

In Conclusion:

Regardless of the type of swabs used, the mission for polyester swab manufacturers like Pathkits is to assure the kits are top quality and are intended to offer desired and safe results.

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