By Amit Gupta


June 21, 2020



Boosting the testing process to track the spread of Covid-19, health experts in India are working day and night to flatten the curve. The success of the diagnosis of COVID-19 during the global pandemic outbreak depends massively on the quality of the specimen and the situations under which the specimen is transported and stored prior to processing in the labs.

Viral Lysis Transport Medium Kits:

Experts like PathKits offer good quality Viral Lysis Transport Medium Kit (VLTM Kits) that is a well-formulated source for collecting and transporting viruses. It is particularly designed to lyse and maintain the best conditions for the transport of the viral sample. It is made of Tris-HCI buffer and includes a surfactant and chelating agent, antimicrobial agents (Antibiotic & Anti-fungal) to direct microbial contamination, buffers to manage the pH.

It has a sterile swab on a plastic shaft with a breakpoint that should be utilized for collecting throat and nasal samples. Most importantly, the manufacturing process of the Viral Transport Medium follows the WHO and the CDC recommendations. It is offered as a liquid in a sterile 13 ml flat bottom tube with or without a swab to deliver a maximum range of chances to collect samples.

Viral Transport Medium Kits:

PathKits also offer cost-effective and high-quality Viral Transport Medium Kits which enable the safe transfer of viruses for further examination and research. It includes conventional cell culture techniques, diagnostic tests and molecular biology methods. These are available in screw cap plastic tubes involving buffered proteins such as albumin, serum or gelatin and antibiotics as well.

Usually, antibiotics are incorporated into the viral transport media to stop the expansion of contaminating fungi and bacteria. That’s why it’s important to take separate samples from the same site if bacterial or fungal cultures are requested.

Both the kits are useful in the testing for COVID-19 sample collection. However, there is a major difference between VLTM and VTM kits. In VLTM kits, the virus is in the inactive form whereas, in VTM kits, the virus is in the active form. So, if a leak happens in the VTM kit, there are some chances that the person who is performing the test can get infected.

Safety Measures to Take:

The healthcare staff or the person who is planning to use VTM or VLTM kit should consider the necessity for the collection of specimens for lab testing of COVID-19 only after noticing the symptoms assigned by the health authorities.

It is essential to collect appropriate clinical samples for lab personnel or health care workers well-trained in specimen collection. By following every biosafety precautions and utilizing personal protective equipment (PPEs) clinical samples should be sent to designated labs in standard triple packaging.

After the collection, the specimen must be sent to the lab within 72 hours with the suggested storage temperature of 2-8 degree celsius. If the delivery and processing surpass 72 hours, then it should be sent in dry ice and once in lab froze at -70 degree celsius or much colder.

If you’re searching for one of the trusted VTM Kit Manufacturers in India, PathKits should be your number one choice as their product range is good quality and budget-friendly.

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